Renewing Lapsed Bike Insurance

We are all human and we all make mistakes sometimes, such as forgetting to renew our two-wheeler insurance policy. This can lead our policy to ‘lapse’, i.e., a termination of the coverage and services provided under an insurance policy.


If you have a lapsed two-wheeler insurance policy, here are a few things which could happen :

  • You’re susceptible to a substantial fine if caught without an active insurance policy
  • In case of an accident, the cost of repair comes out of your pocket.
  • You’re liable for any damage caused to a third party involved in the accident.
  • No fair compensation in case your bike is stolen or damaged by natural or manmade disasters.
  • You lose your No Claim Bonus (NCB) attracting higher premium rates for the next time you buy a policy.

Thus, having an active insurance policy is a necessity at all times which saves you on the road and saves your money in case of a mishap !

How To Renew a Lapsed Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy ?

You can renew your lapsed two-wheeler insurance in the following ways:

Online – This is a quick, safe and convenient way to renew your lapsed policy as follows :

  • Keep your previous policy details, vehicle details (registration number, make & model, add-on details) and personal details (mobile number, bank details) available.
  •  Log on to the website of your insurance provider and enter your policy details.
  • Complete renewal process by making an online payment using options like NEFT, UPI or net-banking. The soft copy of your renewed policy will be sent to your email address.

It only takes minutes to renew your policy online and you can avail great discounts and services from companies like Bharti AXA which protect you in case of mishaps.

Offline : This is the traditional, longer way of renewing policy and is as follows :

  • Locate the nearest branch of your insurance provider.
  • Submit policy details personally to start the renewal process.
  • In case of a lapsed policy, an insurance officer will come to inspect your vehicle.

The submission, inspection and renewal process could take days, leaving you unprotected in the interim period.  

There are certain benefits of online insurance renewal such as :

  • Most insurers waive the ‘mandatory inspection’ clause off in case of online renewal.
  • No convenience charge on renewal of policy.
  • Some insurance companies like Bharti AXA provide break-in insurance where if you renew a lapsed policy within 90 days of expiry, you can save your No Claim Bonus, and get a lower premium rate on renewal.
  • Compare multiple policy plans online and select the best cover at the best price.
  • Purchase a Multi-Year two-wheeler insurance policy which covers you for up to 3 years without an annual premium hike and get higher returns on your No Claim Bonus (NCB).

 So, correct your error and get online to renew your lapsed policy and ensure you and your loved ones are always protected.