Are You Planning to Rent a Car with Cash?

Are you planning a mind-blowing road trip this summer with your friends? And you must look for a car rental to make this happen. But in case of renting a car if you don’t want to pay with your credit card, there is a issue. Most of the car rental companies think renting a car without credit card is a serious risk. But luckily alternative of credit card while renting a car is available in some agencies.

Debit Card Payment

To pay the bill of car rent is widely acceptable mode in many car rental companies. But the terms and conditions may vary from company to company. For some agencies along with your debit card and driving license you have to provide bank statement and utility bills. Sometimes, a car rental may go through a credit check of your bank account. If the credit score do not pass a certain level, you will be denied by the car rental company. And in some Airport location renter may ask to show round trip airline tickets.

Cash Car Rentals

Paying with cash is an acceptable mode but this option comes with a lot of terms and conditions. The restriction may vary from company to company. However, it is rare option for you to rent a car. You have to forget the plan of hiring a luxury car if you are paying in cash. Many companies also ask for various paper works like proof of employment, identity and utility bill that matches the address of driving license. You might have to pay the full amount for rent along with the security cash deposit they demand. Moreover most of the car renting companies restrict renting car to the persons under age of 25 years.

Car Rental Express

You don’t have to worry while renting a car with cash payment. Because there are companies like Car Rental Express to allow you take car without and hard rules. You don’t even have deposit a security cash amount at the company. They let you rent a car with cash amount and make your journey stress less. Even if you are an underage driver, no extra charge will be applied.

Prepaying the Car Rental Online

While finding suitable car rental on internet for your next vacation road trip, you might get an offer. Paying the rental amount online in advance may bring a great deal discount. But be careful about some companies ask for credit card at picking up of the car even though the rental amount already paid.

Despite the full payment made online you are asked to go through other formalities as per the company’s debit card policy. And they are like third form of ID, Credit check etc. Select wisely your car renting company to avoid extra complexity. Some car rental company made really easy for their customer to rent a car.